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Korn Ferry Tools used by Life Transition

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Korn Ferry Tools used by Life Transition

Research indicates a well-developed, flexible, competency based approach is vital to the success of your HR management processes. We can offer training for HR and other managers in the easy implementation of these products tailored to your organisation's needs.

The Leadership Architect® Suite of talent development products include:

The Leadership Architect® Competency Library which forms the basis for integrating the methods and solutions in the Leadership Architect® Suite of products and processes. It contains 67 competencies grouped into clusters such as people skills, process, strategy and drive for results as well as 19 'stallers and stoppers' that can identify blockages to successful career growth plus 7 recently developed for international assignments.

You can use all or part of the library to quickly develop core competencies for the business and identify what makes the difference between successful and average performers within your organisation.

The Voices 360 Feedback process offers more accuracy in identifying key strengths and weaknesses for individual managers upon which to base development plans and performance targets. Administration of our web-based surveys can be conducted inside your company or outsourced to Korn Ferry's Global Survey Centre.

Reports can be customised and feedback given by your own staff or external coaches. We can also assist managers and individuals to design appropriate development plans.

In order to bridge gaps in your team, one option is to go into the market to find what you need. But how can you make a good selection decision? What questions will help you home in on the right candidates? The Interview Architect® will help you recruit wisely, internally and externally.

Developing Teams

The Team Architect® is based on the research that has identified the key behaviours necessary for high performance teams. Once the effectiveness gaps have been identified, you can create a comprehensive action plan using the developmental solutions provided.


Having made a decision to recruit internally or externally the Interview Architect® Express web based tool will help you choose the questions to ask candidates to fit the competency profile for success. It will quickly produce interview templates for multiple interviewers and objective evaluations to compare applicants fairly and accurately.


Identify and develop top talent

Korn Ferry's CHOICES® tool will help your organisation choose and develop the top talent it needs.

How can you keep high potential talent in the business?
How are they selected in the first place?

Many companies tell us that past performance predicts future success. Sometimes... but not always!

We believe what makes a difference is Learning Agility - the ability to learn from experience in a variety of situations and particularly in times of change where past rules do not apply.


For more information Click Here to download our High potentials as high learners (PDF - 1060 KB)

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