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Career Coaching

We provide first class executive career coaching, drawing on the unique blend of experience of our consultants who work as a team to diagnose, provide support and move forward. We offer a flexible personal service, tailored to the specific requirements of each client. We work hard to understand the individual then create a thorough and carefully designed bespoke programme to ensure that their objectives are met.

What we do for Organisations

There are several situations where organisations can benefit from specialist career coaches, such as :

  • providing outplacement support to departing employees
  • supporting employees and managers after restructuring or downsizing
  • assessing and assisting individuals who have become stuck or reached a plateau in their current role
  • guiding and coaching individuals who are ‘high potential’ in clarifying their career aims and tactics
  • devising development plans to enhance the chances of success after a promotion

What we do for Individuals

We work directly with many individuals who come to us to seek direction and motivation, for example

  • Wanting to change career but not sure which career and how to make the switch
  • Leaving an organisation for any reason and wanting help with job search skills
  • Returning to work after a break for family, education or health reasons and wanting to know how to re-enter the world of work, at an appropriate level
  • Feeling stuck in an organisation and/or role and wishing to build an effective and successful career
  • Needing practical advice on career management skills eg interview practice and cvs

How We Work

We believe in a high level of face to face contact and spending sufficient time on setting realistic and achievable expectations before moving forward which will save time (and money) in the long run. We take a project management approach with clear goals , stages and timescales. After initial contact with us we will allocate a lead consultant who will manage the process with you introducing other specialists from our team where appropriate. Each person and project is different so we outline at the start how much time we would expect on the five stages of

  • Career Health check --Assessment, diagnosis and planning
  • Generating and choosing best options
  • Practical support and development in areas such as, personal presentation skills, interview techniques, how to network effectively
  • Job search strategy and marketing
  • Transitioning to a new role or career , the First 100 Days

These can be offered as complete programmes or as individual stand alone options

“Like others in your group I really appreciated your quiet and sincere approach. I can honestly say every session or phone discussion we had was enormously useful. Your professional insight and counsel could not have been bettered.” Martyn Harrow IT Director


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LTC - Life Transition Consultants - Leadership Development, Talent Management, Career Coaching

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