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Increase Performance

Life Transition focuses on how organisations however large or small can increase their employees' performance significantly and therefore increase productivity and reduce costs.

Life Transition works closely with Korn Ferry (a US based international company) using a variety of their research based and experience tested products to develop an individual's full potential, therefore increasing their productivity; transforming them from 'average' to 'high performing' employees.

Life Transition also offers coaching for individuals coping with organisational change, and personal or career development.

Life Transition has designed and developed for CIPD a Postgraduate Certification in Talent and Career Management. This qualification provides leading research based tools to review and create talent management and career development expertise.

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Our mission - to break new ground in helping individuals pursue challenging, satisfying and meaningful work through providing resources, services and support.

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Leadership Development

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Upcoming Courses in 2017

Voices® 360: Facilitation & Feedback
August 10-11
Bristol, UK

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect (KFLA)
September 6-7
Bristol, UK

viaEDGE® Learning Agility Self-Assessment
September 28-29
London, UK

Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP)
October 12-13
Bristol, UK

Korn Ferry Interview Architect (KFIA)
October 26
London, UK

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect (KFLA)
December 7-8
Bristol, UK

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Training Courses available:

Training Courses in Competencies for Development
360 Feedback
Identifying High Potential
Team Success
Interviewing for Success
Management & Leadership

Leadership Architect Suite

Life Transition Consultants is a UK based Independent Associate of Korn Ferry International enabling us to offer the Leadership Architect Suite development resources for individuals, teams and organisations.
Leadership Architect Suite capability.
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